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Welter Shelter
Welter Shelter innovatively combines fabric, form and function to create unparalleled outerwear. Fusing undeniable stylish exteriors with technical superiority and concealed performance. Resulting in all season outerwear for daily city use. Waterproof, windproof and breathable. Whatever the weather gods throw at you, we’ve got you covered. Come hell, or high water.

Fabric x Function

To create our signature look, while maintaining technical superiority, Welter Shelter sources the best and most stylish fabrics from around the globe and merges them with the unique Welter Shelter Storm System. This search for fabrics has always been a positive obsession for the Welter Shelter team, but without a doubt, is also what sets us apart from the competition. Each season we start with over a hundred fabrics that we extensively test. Selecting only the most beautiful, outstanding and best performing ones for our outerwear. We enhance these fabrics with our Storm System. Fusing a waterproof membrane to the inside of the fabric, applying a durable coating on top of the fabric and waterproofing the seams to complete any construction. This offers high-tech waterproof, windproof and breathable performance, just like that of your favorite outdoor sports brand. However, thanks to our System we can do this using natural wool, rich cotton, or other textured fabrics to create our unique clean, casual look.

We love a good silhouette, that is why Welter Shelter trusts the lightweight warmth of environmentally friendly Meida insulation. Meida is lighter and thinner than down. It offers compact, flexible and less bulky warmth that enables us to make slim silhouettes and outerwear shapes that are not possible with traditional insulations. It provides us the creative freedom to develop all the forms and shapes we want and is extremely comfortable to wear.

Our outerwear has an average water column of 10.000 mm, which means it can bear as much as 10 liters of water at any given time. We couple this with a breathability that averages 5000-8000 grms per 24 hours, which is ideal for active city performance, whether you are cycling or walking. Our insulation keeps you warm and comfortable to -15C. Welter is a word play derived from the noun welt. In english this means seam. Welding the seam means closing the seam for waterproofness among others. Welter also means mishmash. This refers in our case to the mix of unexpected materials and fabrics that seem ordinary but are in fact very functional. Another meaning of welter is ofcourse what the category in boxing refers to as ‘welter weight’. And yes, our coats are light weight to medium weight as well. Shelter speaks for itself - a synonime for protection.

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