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0fr. Paris x Welter Shelter - Bucket Hat Blue

For this Summer, Amsterdam-based outerwear brand Welter Shelter teamed up with the iconic bookshop 0fr. Paris for the release of a capsule collection - a range of jackets, foldable tote bags and bucket hats in multiple colours.

In the heart of Paris at the historic Marais district, in a street opposite the capital’s art and fashion college Duperré, is a bookshop; 0fr. Paris. 0fr. is a magazine- and bookstore offering a collection of art, photography and fashion publications as well as their own clothing line featuring beautiful workwear and accessories. With over 200 expositions a year 0fr. Paris is a culture pusher in many ways.

Welter Shelter is a pioneering outerwear brand that combines technical superiority with an undeniable stylish exterior. Based in the heart of Amsterdam, the innovative brand has been re-creating the utility world with high tech fabrics in classic silhouettes. Making Welter Shelter products waterproof, windproof and breathable. Technical outerwear without the technical look.

An unquestionable collegial collaboration that came to life through a mutual love for functional workwear, innovative fabrics, and classic design.

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