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Mens Autumn & Winter '23

Welter Shelter’s Autumn & Winter '23 is stuffed with innovations and exiting new developments. In addition to our beloved Meida we have been on the look out for another type of insulation with high warmth values and preferably recycled. We found recycled down by PRAUDEN. Duck down and goose down collected from old duvets and jackets made into a wonderfull recycled product that gives excellent warmth. In this collection we have several jackets with inner jackets that have recycled down and some fully insulated with down. Filling power 600. Besides this insulation we have recycled polyester as the ‘step in‘ price insulation.

Style wise we continued to enter the section of layering pieces and hybrids. So innovative combinations of fabrics that are unexpected, yet comfortable and nice to wear. Besides hybrid pieces we introduce the wet pant. A very wearable and technical pleated pant with water repellent proporties. Besides these ‘non’ jackets we have a quilted shopper in a very nice cricled nylon.

Photography by Jorin Koers

Mens Autumn & Winter '23

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