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B.D. Graft x Welter Shelter - the movie

My name is B.D. Graft and I am an artist 

I have been living in Amsterdam for the past eleven years and we are in my studio in Landsmeer. which is close to Amsterdam and this is where I come to spend my days

Making art is a sort of meditation for me. I leave the busy city and I come here to my quiet studio… I kind of enter my own little world

I have been painting bees for a while and on the one hand they are very playfull, they are nice to look at, they are just these fun creatures. But on the other hand they also represent the vulnerability of the natural world for me. 

I have been a fan of Welter Shelter for a while and I have had their jackets and I really appreciate them. 

So when this opportunity for a collaboration came, I thought wow this is a perfect fit. 

The jackets is very sleek, very simple, very beautiful. And then when you open it, you see my swarm of bees. 

You see all these bees repeating. But they are quite playful, it is a bit random, it has movement in it.

They are all flying towards to the unknown feature that awaits us all in a way.



The jacket is available via this link.

Video by Freshmen Media.

B.D. Graft x Welter Shelter - the movie

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