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Spring / Summer 2023 Asia Tour. Documented in Seoul, South Korea. March 2023

Welter Shelter embarked on a journey to Seoul, South Korea, to curate their Spring & Summer collection. The team's visit to this beautiful country was a resounding success, and we would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in making this possible.

During their stay in Seoul, the Welter Shelter team had the opportunity to explore the country's culture and natural beauty. They encountered a plethora of inspiration, from the breathtaking landscapes to the welcoming hospitality of the local people. The team’s experiences in Seoul have influenced their creative process and resulted in a collection that, hopefully, will be very innovative ;).

The team's trip to Seoul was not only a visually stimulating experience, but it was also an opportunity for them to source the finest fabrics that will feature in their upcoming collection. These fabrics were carefully selected and matched to create unique combinations that reflect the essence of Welter Shelter's brand. The result is a collection that embodies the brand's vision of quality, functionality, and style.

One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to meet and work with talented individuals in the industry. We eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the upcoming collection and the sharing of the team's newfound inspiration.

In conclusion, Welter Shelter's trip to Seoul, South Korea, was a remarkable journey that was filled with inspiration and creativity.  

Shot by Sjoerd Cuypers

Spring / Summer 2023 Asia Tour. Documented in Seoul, South Korea. March 2023

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